What We Do

Voice of the Business Community

As an organization for businesses, the Chamber is the voice of the members, representing the body and advocating for their stakes in legal and social matters. The chamber protects and furthers the members’ interests by improving the business climate in their region.

Business Promotion and Support

The individual interests of businesses are of utmost concern to the chamber. These are significant in furthering the organization’s collective interests as well as that of the community where it belongs. In line with this, the chamber regularly holds events and social gatherings that help promote the products and services of its members. Members help promote each other’s business, too. Chambers usually have member privileges like discounts and deals from fellow members.

Member Directory

The chamber also provides a database, where members get listed in a directory. This information is available for them as a guide in their communications. Additionally, members get privilege listings on several municipal websites and literature. Some chambers also conduct training and consultancy to aid in the improvement of their members’ businesses.


The chamber is also a rich source of networking, where businesses can increase their contacts and get referred to potential clients through co-members.

Board of Directors

Stacey Horlings


Ann Williams


Russ Court

Board Member

Matt Evans

Board Member

Cory Rasmussen


Greg Robinson


Norma Smith

Board Member

Kyle Stone


Christine Brandvold


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